Upcoming LSE Main Market Dividend Payment Dates

EPIC Name Market Dividend Payment Date ▲
FMPI F&C Managed Portfolio Trust Main Market 1.7p 07-Jul
SCL Schlumberger Main Market $0.5 14-Jul
NCA2 New Century AIM VCT 2 Main Market 3p 14-Jul
CCR C&C Group Main Market €0.0937 14-Jul
PVN ProVen VCT Main Market 2.5p 14-Jul
PGOO ProVen Growth and Income VCT Main Market 2.5p 14-Jul
TPV1 Triple Point Income VCT Main Market 7.5p 14-Jul
TPVA Triple Point Income VCT A Main Market 25p 14-Jul
TPVC Triple Point Income VCT C Main Market 5p 14-Jul
TPVD Triple Point Income VCT D Main Market 5p 14-Jul
MAV4 Maven Income & Growth VCT 4 Main Market 3.36p 14-Jul
MIG1 Maven Income & Growth VCT Main Market 2.96p 14-Jul
MIG3 Maven Income and Growth VCT 3 Main Market 2.71p 14-Jul
MKLW Mucklow (A.& J.)Group Main Market 4.94p 17-Jul
FTF Foresight 4 VCT Main Market 4p 17-Jul
FAIR Fair Oaks Income Main Market $0.007 (0.5437737901p) 20-Jul
AT2 Amati VCT 2 Main Market 4.25p 21-Jul
OXT Oxford Technology VCT Main Market 1p 21-Jul
OTT Oxford Technology 3 VCT Main Market 4p 21-Jul
UANC Urban&Civic Main Market 1.2p 21-Jul
NTV Northern 2 VCT Main Market 8.5p 21-Jul
NTN Northern 3 VCT Main Market 8.5p 21-Jul
ARTL Alpha Real Trust Main Market 0.6p 21-Jul
IE1G Ingenious Entertainment VCT 1 G Main Market 15p 21-Jul
IE1H Ingenious Entertainment VCT 1 H Main Market 5p 21-Jul
IEVH Ingenious Entertainment VCT 2 H Main Market 5p 21-Jul
IEVG Ingenious Entertainment VCT 2 G Main Market 15p 21-Jul
HHVT Hargreave Hale AIM VCT 2 Main Market 4p 25-Jul
GEC General Electric Company Main Market $0.24 25-Jul
CGLO Chagala Group Main Market $0.025 26-Jul
MIG Mobeus Income & Growth 2 VCT Main Market 7p 27-Jul
OAP3 Octopus Apollo VCT Main Market 1.7p 28-Jul
BISI Bisichi Mining Main Market 3p 28-Jul
SIGB Sherborne Investors (Guernsey) B Main Market 30p 28-Jul
PTF Phaunos Timber Fund Main Market $0.016 28-Jul
EJFI EJF Investments Main Market 2.4p 28-Jul
SSIF SQN Secured Income Fund Main Market 0.525p 28-Jul
IPE Invesco Perpetual Enhanced Income Main Market 1.25p 28-Jul
MVI Marwyn Value Investors Main Market 2.064p 28-Jul
JPM JPMorgan Chase & Co Main Market $0.5 31-Jul
HBRN Hibernia REIT Main Market €0.0145 31-Jul
CAY Charles Stanley Group Main Market 4.5p 31-Jul
AAVC Albion Venture Capital Trust Main Market 2.5p 31-Jul
UKML UK Mortgages Main Market 1.5p 31-Jul
Dividend Payment Dates
Entries in italic indicate the share has gone ex-dividend. All other entries have yet to go ex-dividend and full ex-dividend date details can be found on the ex-dividend date page.
Dividend Currency
Some dividends are declared in $ or €. A sterling equivalent for these dividends is sometimes declared by the company nearer the time of the dividend payment date. If/when a sterling equivalent is announced it will be shown alongside the non-sterling dividend amount.