Upcoming FTSE SmallCap Ex-Dividend Dates

EPIC Name Market Share Price Dividend Div Impact Declaration Date Ex-Dividend Date ▲ Payment Date
CHG Chemring Group FTSE SmallCap 197.75p 1.3p 0.66% 19-JanView Dividend Announcement 27-Apr 18-May
PRV Porvair FTSE SmallCap 530p 2.4p 0.45% 30-JanView Dividend Announcement 27-Apr 02-Jun
MGNS Morgan Sindall Group FTSE SmallCap 1103p 22p 1.99% 23-FebView Dividend Announcement 27-Apr 22-May
FOXT Foxtons Group FTSE SmallCap 104p 0.33p 0.32% 08-MarView Dividend Announcement 27-Apr 25-May
CAL Capital & Regional FTSE SmallCap 61p 1.77p 2.90% 09-MarView Dividend Announcement 27-Apr 16-May
CMS Communisis FTSE SmallCap 55p 1.61p 2.93% 09-MarView Dividend Announcement 27-Apr 26-May
CTR Charles Taylor FTSE SmallCap 240p 7.35p 3.06% 09-MarView Dividend Announcement 27-Apr 26-May
BOOT Boot (Henry) FTSE SmallCap 259p 4.5p 1.74% 24-MarView Dividend Announcement 27-Apr 30-May
HSW Hostelworld Group FTSE SmallCap 333p €0.209 5.32% 28-MarView Dividend Announcement 27-Apr 06-Jun
HINT Henderson International Income Trust FTSE SmallCap 152.25p 1.2p 0.79% 04-AprView Dividend Announcement 27-Apr 31-May
IEM Impax Environmental Markets FTSE SmallCap 227.75p 1.95p 0.86% 07-AprView Dividend Announcement 27-Apr 23-May
HAN Hansa Trust FTSE SmallCap 870.75p 8p 0.92% 12-AprView Dividend Announcement 27-Apr 30-May
AAIF Aberdeen Asian Income Fund FTSE SmallCap 211.5p 2.25p 1.06% 13-AprView Dividend Announcement 27-Apr 26-May
CREI Custodian REIT FTSE SmallCap 112.75p 1.5875p 1.41% 18-AprView Dividend Announcement 27-Apr 30-Jun
NCYF CQS New City High Yield Fund FTSE SmallCap 63.25p 0.98p 1.55% 19-AprView Dividend Announcement 27-Apr 31-May
SEQI Sequoia Economic Infrastructure Inc Fnd FTSE SmallCap 112.5p 1.5p 1.33% 20-AprView Dividend Announcement 27-Apr 24-May
STHR SThree FTSE SmallCap 326p 9.3p 2.85% 23-JanView Dividend Announcement 04-May 09-Jun
MCLS McColl's Retail Group FTSE SmallCap 208p 6.8p 3.27% 27-FebView Dividend Announcement 04-May 24-May
SERV Servelec Group FTSE SmallCap 260.75p 4p 1.53% 07-MarView Dividend Announcement 04-May 26-May
STCK Stock Spirits Group FTSE SmallCap 176p €0.0545 2.63% 08-MarView Dividend Announcement 04-May 26-May
LOOK Lookers FTSE SmallCap 128.5p 2.36p 1.84% 08-MarView Dividend Announcement 04-May 31-May
EPG EP Global Opportunities Trust FTSE SmallCap 297.88p 5.3p 1.78% 10-MarView Dividend Announcement 04-May 26-May
FPEO F&C Private Equity Trust FTSE SmallCap 341.25p 6.48p 1.90% 24-MarView Dividend Announcement 04-May 31-May
DIG Dunedin Income Growth Inv Trust FTSE SmallCap 258.75p 3.975p 1.54% 31-MarView Dividend Announcement 04-May 26-May
LUCE Luceco FTSE SmallCap 250p 0.3p 0.12% 03-AprView Dividend Announcement 04-May 02-Jun
HFEL Henderson Far East Income FTSE SmallCap 363.75p 5.1p 1.40% 21-AprView Dividend Announcement 04-May 31-May
JCH JPMorgan Claverhouse Inv Trust FTSE SmallCap 689.5p 5.5p 0.80% 21-AprView Dividend Announcement 04-May 01-Jun
EGL Ecofin Global Utilities & Infrastructure Tst FTSE SmallCap 122.38p 1.6p 1.31% 24-AprView Dividend Announcement 04-May 31-May
SWEF Starwood European Real Estate Finance FTSE SmallCap 110.25p 1.625p 1.47% 24-AprView Dividend Announcement 04-May 18-May
IPU Invesco Perpetual UK Smaller Cos IT FTSE SmallCap 488p 6.75p 1.38% 24-AprView Dividend Announcement 04-May 12-Jun
SQN SQN Asset Finance Income Fund FTSE SmallCap 105.75p 0.6042p 0.57% 25-AprView Dividend Announcement 04-May 23-May
GABI GCP Asset Backed Income Fund FTSE SmallCap 106.12p 1.5p 1.41% 25-AprView Dividend Announcement 04-May 31-May
CCPG CVC Credit Partners Euro Opps GBP FTSE SmallCap 111.12p 1.25p 1.12% 25-AprView Dividend Announcement 04-May 26-May
SREI Schroder Real Estate Investment Trust FTSE SmallCap 65.25p 0.62p 0.95% 26-AprView Dividend Announcement 04-May 31-May
THRL Target Healthcare REIT FTSE SmallCap 115.5p 1.57p 1.36% 26-AprView Dividend Announcement 04-May 26-May
BRGE BlackRock Greater Europe Inv Trust FTSE SmallCap 301.62p 1.75p 0.58% 26-AprView Dividend Announcement 04-May 26-May
DIGS GCP Student Living FTSE SmallCap 151.5p 1.43p 0.94% 26-AprView Dividend Announcement 04-May 05-Jun
TNI Trinity Mirror FTSE SmallCap 110p 3.35p 3.05% 27-FebView Dividend Announcement 11-May 09-Jun
SDL SDL FTSE SmallCap 603.5p 6.2p 1.03% 07-MarView Dividend Announcement 11-May 09-Jun
PCTN Picton FTSE SmallCap 84.5p 0.85p 1.01% 25-AprView Dividend Announcement 11-May 31-May
UAI U and I Group FTSE SmallCap 189p 2.8p 1.48% 26-AprView Dividend Announcement 11-May 16-Jun
TTG TT Electronics FTSE SmallCap 204p 3.9p 1.91% 09-MarView Dividend Announcement 18-May 02-Jun
RWA Robert Walters FTSE SmallCap 460p 6.2p 1.35% 15-MarView Dividend Announcement 18-May 09-Jun
CIU Cape FTSE SmallCap 239p 2.5p 1.05% 15-MarView Dividend Announcement 18-May 23-Jun
NAIT North American Income Trust FTSE SmallCap 1211.5p 14.5p 1.20% 24-MarView Dividend Announcement 18-May 16-Jun
TOWN Town Centre Securities FTSE SmallCap 285.88p 3.25p 1.14% 23-FebView Dividend Announcement 25-May 23-Jun
EXO Exova Group FTSE SmallCap 238p 2.35p 0.99% 28-FebView Dividend Announcement 25-May 09-Jun
TRS Tarsus Group FTSE SmallCap 292.5p 6.4p 2.19% 01-MarView Dividend Announcement 25-May 06-Jul
MNZS Menzies (John) FTSE SmallCap 694p 13.1p 1.89% 08-MarView Dividend Announcement 25-May 03-Jul
FDM FDM Group (Holdings) FTSE SmallCap 807p 10.3p 1.28% 08-MarView Dividend Announcement 25-May 16-Jun
GYM The Gym Group FTSE SmallCap 181p 0.75p 0.41% 14-MarView Dividend Announcement 25-May 16-Jun
XAR Xaar FTSE SmallCap 370.75p 6.7p 1.81% 22-MarView Dividend Announcement 25-May 26-Jun
SIA Soco International FTSE SmallCap 146.5p 5p 3.41% 23-MarView Dividend Announcement 25-May 16-Jun
MUT Murray Income Trust FTSE SmallCap 793p 7p 0.88% 05-DecView Dividend Announcement 01-Jun 30-Jun
MOSB Moss Bros Group FTSE SmallCap 98.5p 3.98p 4.04% 28-MarView Dividend Announcement 01-Jun 23-Jun
DFS DFS Furniture FTSE SmallCap 271.5p 13.2p 4.86% 30-MarView Dividend Announcement 01-Jun 21-Jun
PAC Pacific Assets Trust FTSE SmallCap 250.75p 2.6p 1.04% 05-AprView Dividend Announcement 01-Jun 04-Jul
ICGT ICG Enterprise Trust FTSE SmallCap 729p 10p 1.37% 18-AprView Dividend Announcement 01-Jun 20-Jun
ARW Arrow Global Group FTSE SmallCap 360p 6.4p 1.78% 02-MarView Dividend Announcement 08-Jun 06-Jul
CNCT Connect Group FTSE SmallCap 127p 3.1p 2.44% 25-AprView Dividend Announcement 08-Jun 07-Jul
FORT Forterra FTSE SmallCap 222p 3.8p 1.71% 15-MarView Dividend Announcement 15-Jun 06-Jul
MER Mears Group FTSE SmallCap 518p 8.4p 1.62% 21-MarView Dividend Announcement 15-Jun 06-Jul
SUS S & U FTSE SmallCap 2059p 39p 1.89% 28-MarView Dividend Announcement 15-Jun 07-Jul
XPP XP Power FTSE SmallCap 2651p 15p 0.57% 11-AprView Dividend Announcement 15-Jun 10-Jul
GMD GAME Digital FTSE SmallCap 45.75p 1p 2.19% 29-MarView Dividend Announcement 29-Jun 04-Aug
UAI U and I Group FTSE SmallCap 189p 3.5p 1.85% 26-AprView Dividend Announcement 20-Jul 17-Aug
FENR Fenner FTSE SmallCap 331.25p 1.4p 0.42% 19-AprView Dividend Announcement 27-Jul 07-Sep

Ex-Dividend Date

The ex-dividend date is the date which is used to decide which shareholders will receive a dividend payment. Shareholders who own shares in the company before the market opens on the ex-dividend date will receive a dividend payment. Shares bought on or after the ex-dividend date will not qualify for the dividend.

This page shows upcoming ex-dividend dates for FTSE SmallCap listed shares. In addition the following information is provided:

Dividend Declaration RNS - The 'Declaration Date' column contains a link to the RNS announcement which contains the dividend declaration by the company. This link can be used to confirm the information on this page and to obtain further information about the dividend and the company.

Div Impact - The 'Div Impact' column in the table shows the current declared dividend as a percentage of the current share price. This is the percentage the company's share price is expected to fall by when the market opens on the ex-dividend date.