FTSE 100 Index Ex-Dividend Adjustments

Ex-Dividend Date Epic Name Dividend Index Adjustment
19-Oct-17 BA. BAE Systems 8.8p 1.09
19-Oct-17 SMIN Smiths Group 29.7p 0.46
Total: 1.55
26-Oct-17 ITV ITV 2.52p 0.35
26-Oct-17 RR. Rolls-Royce Holdings 4.6p 0.33
26-Oct-17 BDEV Barratt Developments 34.4p 1.32
26-Oct-17 FERG Ferguson 73.33p 0.72
Total: 2.72
16-Nov-17 BNZL Bunzl 14p 0.18
Total: 0.18
07-Dec-17 NXT Next 53p 0.29
Total: 0.29
11-Jan-18 SKY Sky 10p 0.40
Total: 0.40
FTSE 100 Index Adjustment
The 'Index Adjustment' column shows the expected downward points ajustment to the value of the FTSE 100 index on the ex-dividend date as a result of the shares in the index going ex-dividend.
Dividend Dates
FTSE 100 dividend date details can be found on the FTSE 100 ex-dividend date page.