Bond Yield Calculator

Bond Calculator

This bond calculator can be used to determine the annual yield of a bond that is held until the maturity date (the yield to maturity (YTM)).

  • Bond Price: This is the clean price of the bond
  • Bond Face Value: Also known as the par value, this is the price that each bond will be redeemed at on the maturity date
  • Bond Settlement Date: This is the date the purchase of bond is fully settled. This date is usually one or two business days after the bond is purchased
  • Bond Maturity Date: This is the date the final coupon payment is made, and the bond is redeemed at the face value
  • Coupon Rate: This is the annual interest rate paid on the bond
  • Coupon Frequency: This is the number of bond payments expected to be paid per year. Bond payments (coupons) are usually paid on an annual or semi-annual basis.