Smith (DS) Dividend Cover - 1.84

Smith (DS) Dividend Cover Details

Earnings Per Share (EPS)
in Previous 12 months
Year End EPS
Total Ordinary Dividends Declared
in Previous 12 months 1
Dividend Cover
Earnings Per Share (EPS) / Total Dividends
33.1p / 18.0p
= 1.84
Dividend Payout Ratio
Total Dividends / Earnings Per Share (EPS)
18.0p / 33.1p
= 54%
A dividend cover of 1.84 means that on a trailing twelve month basis SMDS has paid out approximately 54% of its earnings as dividend payments to shareholders.

EPS figures are Smith (DS)'s Adjusted Earnings per share figures

1 Annual Dividend Amount - This is based on Smith (DS) trailing twelve month ordinary dividends. Full details can be found on the Smith (DS) dividend yield page.