Upcoming UK Dividend Payment Dates

EPIC Name Market Dividend Payment Date ▲
BRIG BlackRock Income & Growth Inv Trust FTSE Fledgling 2.6p 01-Sep
JCGI JPMorgan China Growth & Income FTSE SmallCap 3.7p 01-Sep
JCH JPMorgan Claverhouse IT FTSE SmallCap 6.5p 01-Sep
PNN Pennon Group FTSE 100 30.11p 02-Sep
SMP St. Modwen Properties FTSE 250 1.1p 02-Sep
REL RELX FTSE 100 13.6p 02-Sep
TOT Total Produce AIM €0.02577 02-Sep
EMG Man Group FTSE 250 $0.049 (3.7p) 02-Sep
IPU Invesco Perpetual UK Smaller Cos IT FTSE SmallCap 3.75p 03-Sep
AVON Avon Rubber FTSE 250 9.02p 04-Sep
MNKS Monks Investment Trust FTSE 250 2.5p 04-Sep
ICGT ICG Enterprise Trust FTSE 250 5p 04-Sep
CWK Cranswick FTSE 250 43.7p 04-Sep
IOM Iomart Group AIM 3.93p 04-Sep
LTHM Latham (James) AIM 10p 04-Sep
NTN Northern 3 VCT Main Market 2p 04-Sep
NTV Northern 2 VCT Main Market 1.5p 04-Sep
NICL Nichols Main Market 28p 04-Sep
KNOS Kainos Group FTSE 250 6.7p 04-Sep
FDM FDM Group (Holdings) FTSE 250 18.5p 04-Sep
RESI Residential Secure Income FTSE SmallCap 1.25p 04-Sep
DLG Direct Line Insurance Group FTSE 250 21.8p 04-Sep
PHNX Phoenix Group Holdings FTSE 100 23.4p 04-Sep
MCON Mincon Group AIM €0.0105 04-Sep
IHR Impact Healthcare REIT FTSE SmallCap 1.5725p 04-Sep
CSSG Croma Security Solutions Group AIM 0.75p 04-Sep
PNS Panther Securities AIM 6p 07-Sep
OAP3 Octopus Apollo VCT Main Market 1.1p 07-Sep
INV Investment Company FTSE Fledgling 1p 07-Sep
EBOX Tritax EuroBox FTSE SmallCap €0.011 (0.9922p) 07-Sep
CSH Civitas Social Housing FTSE 250 1.35p 07-Sep
LTI Lindsell Train Investment Trust FTSE SmallCap 4400p 08-Sep
ULVR Unilever FTSE 100 36.98p 09-Sep
IBM IBM Main Market $1.63 10-Sep
JHD James Halstead AIM 2.125p 10-Sep
AGFX Argentex Group AIM 2p 10-Sep
JIM Jarvis Securities AIM 14p 10-Sep
CHG Chemring Group FTSE 250 1.3p 11-Sep
BMD Baronsmead Second Venture Trust Main Market 3p 11-Sep
BVT Baronsmead Venture Trust Main Market 3p 11-Sep
CMCX CMC Markets FTSE 250 12.18p 11-Sep
AHT Ashtead Group FTSE 100 33.5p 11-Sep
ABD Aberdeen New Dawn Investment Trust FTSE SmallCap 3.3p 11-Sep
IMI IMI FTSE 250 26.2p 11-Sep
IMI IMI FTSE 250 7.5p 11-Sep
MONY Moneysupermarket.com Group FTSE 250 3.1p 11-Sep
QTX Quartix Holdings AIM 3.37p 11-Sep
LRE Lancashire Holdings FTSE 250 $0.05 11-Sep
SKG Smurfit Kappa Group FTSE 100 €0.809 11-Sep
SFR Severfield FTSE SmallCap 1.8p 11-Sep
CEY Centamin FTSE 250 $0.06 11-Sep
LMS LMS Capital FTSE Fledgling 0.3p 11-Sep
SPT Spirent Communications FTSE 250 1.67p 11-Sep
NMCN NMCN FTSE Fledgling 10p 11-Sep
RECI Real Estate Credit Investments FTSE SmallCap 3p 11-Sep
AAM Artemis VCT Main Market 4.5p 11-Sep
BKG Berkeley Group Holdings FTSE 100 107p 11-Sep
BA. BAE Systems FTSE 100 13.8p 14-Sep
AZN AstraZeneca FTSE 100 69.6p 14-Sep
DIGS GCP Student Living FTSE 250 1.42p 14-Sep
AERS Aquila European Renewables Income Main Market €0.0075 14-Sep
PSN Persimmon FTSE 100 40p 14-Sep
MTE Montanaro European Smaller Cos Tst FTSE SmallCap 7.25p 15-Sep
CGI Canadian General Investments Main Market C$0.21 15-Sep
UDG UDG Healthcare FTSE 250 $0.0446 15-Sep
TORO Chenavari Toro Income Fund Main Market €0.142 16-Sep
FRES Fresnillo FTSE 100 $0.023 (1.7569p) 16-Sep
BUT Brunner Investment Trust FTSE SmallCap 4.67p 16-Sep
RIO Rio Tinto FTSE 100 119.74p 17-Sep
VSL VPC Specialty Lending Investments FTSE SmallCap 2p 17-Sep
SSE SSE FTSE 100 56p 18-Sep
CHRT Cohort AIM 6.9p 18-Sep
ULE Ultra Electronics Holdings FTSE 250 54.6p 18-Sep
DDV1 Downing ONE VCT Main Market 2p 18-Sep
SAIN Scottish American Investment Company FTSE 250 3p 18-Sep
MUT Murray Income Trust FTSE SmallCap 9.5p 18-Sep
PRSR PRS REIT Main Market 1p 18-Sep
DOM Domino's Pizza Group FTSE 250 5.56p 18-Sep
WTAN Witan Investment Trust FTSE 250 1.34p 18-Sep
BPCR BioPharma Credit Main Market $0.0175 18-Sep
PSH Pershing Square Holdings FTSE 250 $0.1 18-Sep
UEM Utilico Emerging Markets Trust FTSE SmallCap 1.925p 18-Sep
PSON Pearson FTSE 100 6p 21-Sep
GAW Games Workshop Group FTSE 250 30p 21-Sep
RDSA Royal Dutch Shell A FTSE 100 $0.16 (12.09p) 21-Sep
RDSB Royal Dutch Shell B FTSE 100 $0.16 (12.09p) 21-Sep
JPE JPMorgan Elect Managed Growth Main Market 4.75p 21-Sep
JPEI JPMorgan Elect Managed Income Main Market 1.4p 21-Sep
JPEC JPMorgan Elect Managed Cash Main Market 0.4p 21-Sep
HIK Hikma Pharmaceuticals FTSE 100 $0.16 21-Sep
CKN Clarkson FTSE 250 53p 21-Sep
QLT Quilter FTSE 250 1p 21-Sep
BSC British Smaller Companies VCT2 Main Market 1.5p 21-Sep
LSE London Stock Exchange Group FTSE 100 23.3p 22-Sep
BHP BHP Group FTSE 100 $0.55 (42.108487p) 22-Sep
SOLI Solid State AIM 7.25p 23-Sep
TPFG Property Franchise Group AIM 2.1p 23-Sep
ANX Anexo Group AIM 0.5p 23-Sep
BLP Blue Planet Investment Trust FTSE Fledgling 2.22p 23-Sep
XPS XPS Pensions Group FTSE SmallCap 4.3p 24-Sep
SDR Schroders FTSE 100 35p 24-Sep
LGEN Legal & General Group FTSE 100 4.93p 24-Sep
SGRO SEGRO FTSE 100 6.9p 24-Sep
AV. Aviva FTSE 100 6p 24-Sep
DGOC Diversified Gas & Oil FTSE 250 $0.035 (2.69p) 25-Sep
HOT Henderson Opportunities Trust FTSE Fledgling 6.5p 25-Sep
FPO First Property Group AIM 1.22p 25-Sep
AEMC Aberdeen Emerging Markets Inv Co Main Market 5.5p 25-Sep
BOY Bodycote FTSE 250 13.3p 25-Sep
ATY Athelney Trust FTSE Fledgling 1.7p 25-Sep
FTSV Foresight Solar & Infrastructure VCT Main Market 2p 25-Sep
AAL Anglo American FTSE 100 $0.28 (21.6327p) 25-Sep
SEIT SDCL Energy Efficiency Income Trust FTSE SmallCap 1.375p 25-Sep
D467 Downing FOUR VCT Main Market 2.5p 25-Sep
BP. BP FTSE 100 $0.0525 (4.0433p) 25-Sep
ROR Rotork FTSE 250 3.9p 25-Sep
RMDL RM Secured Direct Lending FTSE Fledgling 1.625p 25-Sep
GLO ContourGlobal FTSE 250 3.1077p 25-Sep
CLI CLS Holdings FTSE 250 2.35p 25-Sep
RCOI Riverstone Credit Opportunities Income Main Market $0.018 25-Sep
PGH Personal Group Holdings AIM 5.9p 25-Sep
JLEN Jlen Environmental Assets Group FTSE 250 1.69p 25-Sep
SIGT Seneca Global Income & Growth FTSE Fledgling 1.68p 25-Sep
BRWM BlackRock World Mining Trust FTSE 250 4p 25-Sep
CRH CRH FTSE 100 $0.22 25-Sep
CAPD Capital FTSE Fledgling $0.009 25-Sep
UTL UIL Main Market 2p 25-Sep
ASLI Aberdeen Standard Euro Logistics Income FTSE SmallCap 1.24p 25-Sep
KIT Keystone Investment Trust FTSE SmallCap 2.4p 25-Sep
APAX Apax Global Alpha FTSE 250 4.87p 25-Sep
SOHO Triple Point Social Housing REIT FTSE SmallCap 1.295p 25-Sep
POLY Polymetal International FTSE 100 $0.4 (30.9197863p) 25-Sep
JEFI Jupiter Emerging & Frontier Income Trust FTSE Fledgling 1p 25-Sep
SSIF Secured Income Fund Main Market 3.5p 25-Sep
ASEI Aberdeen Standard Equity Income Trust FTSE SmallCap 5.2p 25-Sep
GRID Gresham House Energy Storage Fund Main Market 1.75p 25-Sep
PAY PayPoint FTSE SmallCap 7.8p 28-Sep
BME B&M European Value Retail S.A. FTSE 100 5.4p 28-Sep
RIII Rights and Issues Investment Trust Main Market 10.75p 28-Sep
PRU Prudential FTSE 100 $0.0537 (4.17p) 28-Sep
IGV Income & Growth VCT Main Market 11p 28-Sep
MINI Miton UK MicroCap Trust FTSE Fledgling 0.1p 29-Sep
RB. Reckitt Benckiser Group FTSE 100 73p 29-Sep
MNDI Mondi FTSE 100 €0.4875 (44.9631p) 29-Sep
SLA Standard Life Aberdeen FTSE 100 7.3p 29-Sep
IMB Imperial Brands FTSE 100 20.85p 30-Sep
GHS Gresham House Strategic AIM 12.8p 30-Sep
MANO Manolete Partners AIM 3p 30-Sep
HICL HICL Infrastructure FTSE 250 2.06p 30-Sep
ATST Alliance Trust FTSE 250 3.595p 30-Sep
PGIT Premier Global Infrastructure Trust FTSE Fledgling 2.5p 30-Sep
TRIG Renewables Infrastructure Group FTSE 250 1.69p 30-Sep
MNG M&G FTSE 100 6p 30-Sep
BCI BMO Capital and Income Investment Trust FTSE SmallCap 2.55p 30-Sep
NESF NextEnergy Solar Fund FTSE 250 1.7625p 30-Sep
AIF Acorn Income Fund Main Market 5.75p 30-Sep
AJG Atlantis Japan Growth Fund FTSE Fledgling 2.17p 30-Sep
CYS Chrysalis VCT Main Market 1.75p 30-Sep
HDIV Henderson Diversified Income Trust FTSE SmallCap 1.1p 30-Sep
PLI Perpetual Income and Growth Inv Tst FTSE 250 3.4p 30-Sep
BREI BMO Real Estate Investments FTSE SmallCap 0.625p 30-Sep
BCPT BMO Commercial Property Trust FTSE 250 0.25p 30-Sep
TMPL Temple Bar Investment Trust FTSE SmallCap 11p 30-Sep
AADV Albion Development VCT Main Market 1.99p 30-Sep
EPIC Ediston Property Investment Company FTSE SmallCap 0.3333p 30-Sep
HONY Honeycomb Investment Trust Main Market 20p 30-Sep
SMIF TwentyFour Select Monthly Income Fund FTSE SmallCap 0.5p 30-Sep
Dividend Payment Dates
Entries in italic indicate the share has gone ex-dividend. All other entries have yet to go ex-dividend and full ex-dividend date details can be found on the ex-dividend date page.
Dividend Currency
Some dividends are declared in $ or €. A sterling equivalent for these dividends is sometimes declared by the company nearer the time of the dividend payment date. If/when a sterling equivalent is announced it will be shown alongside the non-sterling dividend amount.