Upcoming UK Dividend Payment Dates

EPIC Name Market Dividend Payment Date ▲
SMWH WH Smith FTSE 250 33.6p 01-Feb
MCS McCarthy & Stone FTSE 250 3.6p 01-Feb
STR Stride Gaming AIM 1.5p 01-Feb
UU. United Utilities Group FTSE 100 13.24p 01-Feb
MRC Mercantile Investment Trust FTSE 250 10.5p 01-Feb
FRCL Foreign & Colonial Inv Trust FTSE 250 2.7p 01-Feb
BNC Banco Santander S.A. Main Market €0.06 01-Feb
BRBY Burberry Group FTSE 100 11p 02-Feb
VOD Vodafone Group FTSE 100 €0.0484 02-Feb
EXPN Experian FTSE 100 $0.135 (9.8626p) 02-Feb
NXG NEX Group FTSE 250 3.5p 02-Feb
BMD Baronsmead Second Venture Trust Main Market 4.5p 02-Feb
UAV Unicorn AIM VCT Main Market 3.5p 02-Feb
TPT Topps Tiles FTSE SmallCap 2.3p 02-Feb
HEFT Henderson European Focus Trust FTSE SmallCap 21.9p 02-Feb
FHI F&C UK High Income Trust FTSE Fledgling 1.21p 02-Feb
FHIB F&C UK High Income Trust B FTSE Fledgling 1.21p 02-Feb
PILR Pacific Industrial & Log REIT AIM 2.1p 02-Feb
BT.A BT Group FTSE 100 4.85p 05-Feb
DTG Dart Group AIM 1.5p 05-Feb
UDG UDG Healthcare FTSE 250 $0.0972 05-Feb
ITE ITE Group FTSE SmallCap 2.5p 05-Feb
BVIC Britvic FTSE 250 19.3p 05-Feb
WKP Workspace Group FTSE 250 8.84p 06-Feb
JMAT Johnson Matthey FTSE 100 21.75p 06-Feb
MAB Mitchells & Butlers FTSE 250 5p 06-Feb
SDP Schroder AsiaPacific Fund FTSE 250 5.6p 06-Feb
JAI JPMorgan Asian Investment Trust FTSE SmallCap 4p 06-Feb
MTO Mitie Group FTSE 250 1.33p 07-Feb
HLMA Halma FTSE 100 5.71p 07-Feb
JMC JPMorgan Chinese Investment Trust FTSE SmallCap 1.6p 07-Feb
CER Cerillion AIM 2.8p 07-Feb
BRW Brewin Dolphin Holdings FTSE 250 10.75p 07-Feb
AHT Ashtead Group FTSE 100 5.5p 07-Feb
HAST Henderson Alternative Strategies Trust FTSE SmallCap 4.75p 07-Feb
K3C K3 Capital Group AIM 2.85p 07-Feb
CIFU Carador Income Fund Main Market $0.0225 07-Feb
THL Tongaat Hulett Main Market R1 08-Feb
ZPG ZPG FTSE 250 3.8p 08-Feb
BATS British American Tobacco FTSE 100 43.6p 08-Feb
XAF Xafinity FTSE SmallCap 2.1p 08-Feb
BISI Bisichi Mining Main Market 1p 09-Feb
SKY Sky FTSE 100 10p 09-Feb
CNCT Connect Group FTSE SmallCap 6.7p 09-Feb
QQ. QinetiQ Group FTSE 250 2.1p 09-Feb
BLND British Land Company FTSE 100 7.52p 09-Feb
GIF Qatar Investment Fund Main Market $0.03 09-Feb
CSP Countryside Properties FTSE 250 5p 09-Feb
NRR NewRiver REIT FTSE 250 5.25p 09-Feb
CAKE Patisserie Holdings AIM 2.4p 09-Feb
KCOM KCOM Group FTSE SmallCap 2p 09-Feb
GRI Grainger FTSE 250 3.26p 09-Feb
DMGT Daily Mail & General Trust Main Market 15.8p 09-Feb
BRFI BlackRock Frontiers Investment Trust FTSE SmallCap $0.042 (2.962942p) 09-Feb
NUM Numis Corporation AIM 6.5p 09-Feb
SCIN Scottish Investment Trust FTSE 250 19.5p 09-Feb
SVCA Servoca AIM 0.4p 09-Feb
SCP Schroder UK Mid Cap Fund FTSE SmallCap 10p 09-Feb
FAIR Fair Oaks Income Main Market $0.0575 (4.1772611696p) 09-Feb
MCRO Micro Focus International FTSE 100 25.63p 09-Feb
BSIF Bluefield Solar Income Fund FTSE SmallCap 1.8p 09-Feb
AEFS Alcentra Euro Floating Rate Inc Fund FTSE SmallCap 1.12p 09-Feb
DWHT Dewhurst AIM 8.5p 14-Feb
THS Tharisa Main Market 3.7135p 14-Feb
PUM9 Puma VCT 9 Main Market 6p 14-Feb
PUMX Puma VCT 10 Main Market 6p 14-Feb
APF Anglo Pacific Group Main Market 1.5p 15-Feb
ERM Euromoney Institutional Investor FTSE 250 21.8p 15-Feb
CDFF Cardiff Property FTSE Fledgling 11.5p 15-Feb
OTB On the Beach Group FTSE SmallCap 1.9p 15-Feb
EZH easyHotel AIM 0.22p 15-Feb
IGV Income & Growth VCT Main Market 3p 15-Feb
MHM Marsh & McLennan Companies Main Market $0.375 15-Feb
TRCS Tracsis AIM 0.8p 16-Feb
CYBG CYBG FTSE 250 1p 16-Feb
SOLI Solid State AIM 4p 16-Feb
SHB Shaftesbury FTSE 250 8.1p 16-Feb
VCT Victrex FTSE 250 109.6p 16-Feb
CSRT Consort Medical FTSE SmallCap 7.44p 16-Feb
BEE Baring Emerging Europe FTSE SmallCap 19p 16-Feb
AUTG Autins Group AIM 0.8p 16-Feb
TUI TUI AG FTSE 100 €0.65 16-Feb
FLK Fletcher King AIM 1p 16-Feb
DNDL Dunedin Smaller Companies Inv Trust FTSE SmallCap 4.24p 16-Feb
CCJI CC Japan Income & Growth Trust FTSE Fledgling 2.3p 16-Feb
TPOU Third Point Offshore Investors USD Main Market $0.0081 16-Feb
TPOG Third Point Offshore Investors GBP Main Market 0.77p 16-Feb
INV Investment Company FTSE Fledgling 5p 16-Feb
NAIT North American Income Trust FTSE SmallCap 8p 16-Feb
PAG Paragon Banking Group FTSE 250 11p 19-Feb
MYI Murray International Trust FTSE 250 11p 19-Feb
SQN SQN Asset Finance Income Fund FTSE SmallCap 0.6042p 19-Feb
SQNX SQN Asset Finance Income Fund C FTSE SmallCap 0.1667p 19-Feb
SOI Schroder Oriental Income Fund FTSE SmallCap 1.7p 19-Feb
RFX Ramsdens Holdings AIM 2.2p 20-Feb
AAIF Aberdeen Asian Income Fund FTSE SmallCap 2.25p 20-Feb
JLEN John Laing Environmental Assets Group FTSE SmallCap 1.5775p 22-Feb
IHR Impact Healthcare REIT Main Market 1.5p 22-Feb
FSFL Foresight Solar Fund FTSE SmallCap 1.58p 23-Feb
UANC Urban&Civic Main Market 2p 23-Feb
RWS RWS Holdings AIM 5.2p 23-Feb
DDV1 Downing ONE VCT Main Market 3p 23-Feb
PHP Primary Health Properties FTSE SmallCap 1.35p 23-Feb
NBLU NB Global Floating Rate Inc Fund USD Main Market $0.0081 23-Feb
NBLS NB Global Floating Rate Inc Fund GBP FTSE 250 0.79p 23-Feb
CMHY City Merchants High Yield Trust FTSE SmallCap 2.5p 23-Feb
DIG Dunedin Income Growth Inv Trust FTSE SmallCap 2.575p 23-Feb
NCC NCC Group FTSE SmallCap 1.5p 23-Feb
JPI JPMorgan Income & Capital Trust FTSE Fledgling 2p 23-Feb
AXI Axiom European Financial Debt Fund Main Market 1.5p 23-Feb
LIV Livermore Investments Group AIM $0.04576 23-Feb
GABI GCP Asset Backed Income Fund FTSE SmallCap 1.525p 23-Feb
SIR Secure Income REIT AIM 3.5p 23-Feb
SEQI Sequoia Economic Infrastructure Inc Fnd FTSE 250 1.5p 23-Feb
BCAI Blue Capital Alternative Income Fund Main Market $0.0219 23-Feb
BGLF Blackstone GSO Loan Financing Main Market €0.025 23-Feb
THRL Target Healthcare REIT FTSE SmallCap 1.6125p 23-Feb
GCP GCP Infrastructure Investments FTSE 250 1.9p 23-Feb
SSIF SQN Secured Income Fund Main Market 0.525p 23-Feb
SWEF Starwood European Real Estate Finance FTSE SmallCap 1.625p 23-Feb
UKW Greencoat UK Wind FTSE 250 1.6225p 23-Feb
BOTB Best of the Best AIM 7.5p 23-Feb
DRIP Drum Income Plus REIT Main Market 1.5p 23-Feb
CPG Compass Group FTSE 100 22.3p 26-Feb
WINK M Winkworth AIM 1.85p 26-Feb
CAT CATCo Reinsurance Opps Fund Main Market $0.05476 26-Feb
BOWL Hollywood Bowl Group FTSE SmallCap 7.28p 27-Feb
TON Titon Holdings FTSE Fledgling 2.7p 27-Feb
DIVI Diverse Income Trust FTSE SmallCap 0.75p 28-Feb
AAEV Albion Enterprise VCT Main Market 2.5p 28-Feb
PHSC PHSC AIM 0.5p 28-Feb
CHRT Cohort AIM 2.55p 28-Feb
CTY City of London Investment Trust FTSE 250 4.3p 28-Feb
CREI Custodian REIT FTSE SmallCap 1.6125p 28-Feb
WJG Watkin Jones AIM 4.4p 28-Feb
BNKR Bankers Investment Trust FTSE 250 4.8p 28-Feb
NBPE NB Private Equity Partners FTSE SmallCap $0.25 (17.78275p) 28-Feb
NCYF CQS New City High Yield Fund FTSE SmallCap 0.99p 28-Feb
CYN City Natural Res High Yield Trust FTSE Fledgling 0.86p 28-Feb
EGL Ecofin Global Utilities & Infrastructure Tst FTSE SmallCap 1.6p 28-Feb
PCTN Picton FTSE SmallCap 0.875p 28-Feb
AEWL AEW UK Long Lease REIT Main Market 0.5p 28-Feb
HINT Henderson International Income Trust FTSE SmallCap 1.3p 28-Feb
EDIN Edinburgh Investment Trust FTSE 250 5.8p 28-Feb
PCFT Polar Capital Global Financials Trust FTSE SmallCap 1.8p 28-Feb
HFEL Henderson Far East Income FTSE SmallCap 5.3p 28-Feb
AEWU AEW UK REIT FTSE Fledgling 1.33p 28-Feb
CCSL Chenavari Capital Solutions Main Market 1.25p 28-Feb
CMBN Cambian Group FTSE SmallCap 8.2p 28-Feb
EPIC Ediston Property Investment Company FTSE SmallCap 0.4792p 28-Feb
UKCM UK Commercial Property Trust FTSE 250 0.92p 28-Feb
FCPT F&C Commercial Property Trust FTSE 250 0.5p 28-Feb
SMIF TwentyFour Select Monthly Income Fund FTSE SmallCap 0.5p 28-Feb
Dividend Payment Dates
Entries in italic indicate the share has gone ex-dividend. All other entries have yet to go ex-dividend and full ex-dividend date details can be found on the ex-dividend date page.
Dividend Currency
Some dividends are declared in $ or €. A sterling equivalent for these dividends is sometimes declared by the company nearer the time of the dividend payment date. If/when a sterling equivalent is announced it will be shown alongside the non-sterling dividend amount.