Upcoming LSE Main Market Dividend Payment Dates

EPIC Name Market Dividend Payment Date ▲
BNC Banco Santander S.A. Main Market €0.1 01-Nov
CAT CATCo Reinsurance Opportunities Fund Main Market $0.0127 01-Nov
CATC CATCo Reinsurance Opportunities Fund C Main Market $0.0262 01-Nov
OSEC Octopus AIM VCT 2 Main Market 2.1p 07-Nov
SUPR Supermarket Income REIT Main Market 1.419p 07-Nov
OSEC Octopus AIM VCT 2 Main Market 3.9p 07-Nov
DP2F Downing TWO VCT F Main Market 5p 08-Nov
DP2G Downing TWO VCT G Main Market 14p 08-Nov
DP3F Downing THREE VCT F Main Market 5p 08-Nov
DP3H Downing THREE VCT H Main Market 5p 08-Nov
DP3J Downing THREE VCT J Main Market 2.5p 08-Nov
USF US Solar Fund Main Market $0.0041 08-Nov
APF Anglo Pacific Group Main Market 1.625p 14-Nov
OTV2 Octopus Titan VCT Main Market 2p 15-Nov
KYGA Kerry Group Main Market €0.235 15-Nov
MHM Marsh & McLennan Companies Main Market $0.455 15-Nov
WIL Wilmington Main Market 5p 15-Nov
GR1T Grit Real Estate Income Group Main Market $0.0695 15-Nov
SFI Sagicor Financial Corporation Main Market $0.025 15-Nov
CIT Cameron Investors Trust Main Market 8.5p 15-Nov
NBLU NB Global Floating Rate Inc Fund USD Main Market $0.0133 22-Nov
AMAT Amati AIM VCT Main Market 3.5p 22-Nov
MIG1 Maven Income & Growth VCT Main Market 2p 22-Nov
LSAD Life Settlement Assets D Main Market $0.2843 22-Nov
LSAE Life Settlement Assets E Main Market $0.9575 22-Nov
HWSL Hadrian's Wall Secured Investments Main Market 1.5p 22-Nov
DRIP Drum Income Plus REIT Main Market 1.5p 22-Nov
FTSV Foresight Solar & Infrastructure VCT Main Market 3p 22-Nov
SHIP Tufton Oceanic Assets Main Market $0.0175 22-Nov
TFG Tetragon Financial Group Main Market $0.185 26-Nov
BGLF Blackstone GSO Loan Financing Main Market €0.025 28-Nov
BGLC Blackstone GSO Loan Financing C Main Market €0.0221 28-Nov
HHV Hargreave Hale AIM VCT Main Market 1.75p 28-Nov
FAIR Fair Oaks Income 2017 Shares Main Market $0.007 (0.540457072267p) 28-Nov
CRWN Crown Place VCT Main Market 1p 29-Nov
AAM Artemis VCT Main Market 6p 29-Nov
TPOA Triple Point VCT 2011 Main Market 23.5p 29-Nov
HAN Hansa Investment Company Main Market 1.6p 29-Nov
DO1D Downing FOUR VCT DSO D Shares Main Market 18p 29-Nov
D467 Downing FOUR VCT DP67 Main Market 18p 29-Nov
EJFI EJF Investments Main Market 2.675p 29-Nov
SONG Hipgnosis Songs Fund Main Market 1.25p 29-Nov
TORO Chenavari Toro Income Fund Main Market €0.02 29-Nov
CCSL Chenavari Capital Solutions Main Market 0.4p 29-Nov
CCPE CVC Credit Partners Euro Opps Euro Main Market €0.01375 29-Nov
GPH Global Ports Holding Main Market 15.5p 29-Nov
SSIF SQN Secured Income Fund Main Market 0.583p 29-Nov
PRSR PRS REIT Main Market 1p 29-Nov
AERS Aquila European Renewables Income Main Market €0.0075 29-Nov
Dividend Payment Dates
Entries in italic indicate the share has gone ex-dividend. All other entries have yet to go ex-dividend and full ex-dividend date details can be found on the ex-dividend date page.
Dividend Currency
Some dividends are declared in $ or €. A sterling equivalent for these dividends is sometimes declared by the company nearer the time of the dividend payment date. If/when a sterling equivalent is announced it will be shown alongside the non-sterling dividend amount.