FTSE 100 Index Ex-Dividend Adjustments

Ex-Dividend Date Epic Name Dividend Index Adjustment
02-Jul-20 CCH Coca-Cola HBC AG €0.62 0.40
02-Jul-20 HSV Homeserve 17.8p 0.20
02-Jul-20 NG. National Grid 32p 4.38
Total: 4.98
09-Jul-20 AVV AVEVA Group 29p 0.07
09-Jul-20 BATS British American Tobacco 52.6p 4.56
Total: 4.63
23-Jul-20 PNN Pennon Group 30.11p 0.49
23-Jul-20 SSE SSE 56p 2.26
Total: 2.75
13-Aug-20 AHT Ashtead Group 33.5p 0.57
Total: 0.57
20-Aug-20 IMB Imperial Brands 20.85p 0.77
Total: 0.77
FTSE 100 Index Adjustment
The 'Index Adjustment' column shows the expected downward points ajustment to the value of the FTSE 100 index on the ex-dividend date as a result of the shares in the index going ex-dividend.
Dividend Dates
FTSE 100 dividend date details can be found on the FTSE 100 ex-dividend date page.