Upcoming UK Ex-Dividend Dates

EPIC Name Market Share Price Dividend Div Impact Declaration
Date ▲
CWK Cranswick FTSE 250 4500p 67.3p 1.50% 21-MayView 21-May CWK Dividend Announcement 18-Jul 30-Aug
BYIT Bytes Technology Group FTSE 250 482.2p 14.7p 3.05% 23-MayView 23-May BYIT Dividend Announcement 18-Jul 02-Aug
VIC Victorian Plumbing Group AIM 91p 0.52p 0.57% 28-MayView 28-May VIC Dividend Announcement 18-Jul 16-Aug
HERC Hercules Site Services AIM 37.5p 0.6p 1.60% 03-JunView 03-Jun HERC Dividend Announcement 18-Jul 22-Aug
N91 Ninety One FTSE 250 168.8p 6.4p 3.79% 05-JunView 05-Jun N91 Dividend Announcement 18-Jul 08-Aug
CCR C&C Group FTSE 250 158.2p €0.0397 2.11% 07-JunView 07-Jun CCR Dividend Announcement 18-Jul 23-Aug
FGP FirstGroup FTSE 250 171.2p 4p 2.34% 11-JunView 11-Jun FGP Dividend Announcement 18-Jul 23-Aug
PVN ProVen VCT Main Market 61p 1.75p 2.87% 11-JunView 11-Jun PVN Dividend Announcement 18-Jul 16-Aug
CGS Castings Main Market 366p 14.19p 3.88% 12-JunView 12-Jun CGS Dividend Announcement 18-Jul 23-Aug
PGOO ProVen Growth and Income VCT Main Market 50.95p 1.5p 2.94% 11-JunView 11-Jun PGOO Dividend Announcement 18-Jul 16-Aug
DWHT Dewhurst Group AIM 1300p 5p 0.38% 24-JunView 24-Jun DWHT Dividend Announcement 18-Jul 13-Aug
PRV Porvair FTSE SmallCap 680p 2.1p 0.31% 01-JulView 01-Jul PRV Dividend Announcement 18-Jul 21-Aug
JCGI JPMorgan China Growth & Income FTSE SmallCap 208p 2.76p 1.33% 01-JulView 01-Jul JCGI Dividend Announcement 18-Jul 02-Sep
SOI Schroder Oriental Income Fund FTSE 250 278.5p 2p 0.72% 08-JulView 08-Jul SOI Dividend Announcement 18-Jul 02-Aug
CLBS Celebrus Technologies AIM 255p 2.23p 0.87% 09-JulView 09-Jul CLBS Dividend Announcement 18-Jul 16-Aug
WINK M Winkworth AIM 200p 3p 1.50% 10-JulView 10-Jul WINK Dividend Announcement 18-Jul 14-Aug
MTU Montanaro UK Smaller Cos Inv Tst FTSE SmallCap 111p 1.24p 1.12% 10-JulView 10-Jul MTU Dividend Announcement 18-Jul 09-Aug
IGET Invesco Global Equity Income Trust Main Market 276p 3.13p 1.13% 10-JulView 10-Jul IGET Dividend Announcement 18-Jul 15-Aug
TFIF TwentyFour Income Fund FTSE 250 104.6p 2p 1.91% 11-JulView 11-Jul TFIF Dividend Announcement 18-Jul 02-Aug
SMIF TwentyFour Select Monthly Income Fund FTSE SmallCap 84.6p 0.75p 0.89% 11-JulView 11-Jul SMIF Dividend Announcement 18-Jul 02-Aug
DNA2 Doric Nimrod Air Two Main Market 122.5p 4.5p 3.67% 11-JulView 11-Jul DNA2 Dividend Announcement 18-Jul 31-Jul
DNA3 Doric Nimrod Air Three Main Market 52p 2.0625p 3.97% 11-JulView 11-Jul DNA3 Dividend Announcement 18-Jul 31-Jul
VTA Volta Finance Main Market €5.23 €0.145 2.77% 08-JulView 08-Jul VTA Dividend Announcement 18-Jul 02-Aug
NXQ Nexteq AIM 124p 3.3p 2.66% 13-MarView 13-Mar NXQ Dividend Announcement 25-Jul 23-Aug
PNN Pennon Group FTSE 250 665p 30.33p 4.56% 21-MayView 21-May PNN Dividend Announcement 25-Jul 05-Sep
CLX Calnex Solutions AIM 48.5p 0.62p 1.28% 21-MayView 21-May CLX Dividend Announcement 25-Jul 30-Aug
SSE SSE FTSE 100 1864p 40p 2.15% 22-MayView 22-May SSE Dividend Announcement 25-Jul 19-Sep
QQ. QinetiQ Group FTSE 250 473.2p 5.65p 1.19% 23-MayView 23-May QQ. Dividend Announcement 25-Jul 22-Aug
BMY Bloomsbury Publishing FTSE SmallCap 706p 10.99p 1.56% 23-MayView 23-May BMY Dividend Announcement 25-Jul 23-Aug
ELIX Elixirr International AIM 550p 9.5p 1.73% 31-MayView 31-May ELIX Dividend Announcement 25-Jul 20-Aug
PCA Palace Capital FTSE SmallCap 224.5p 3.75p 1.67% 06-JunView 06-Jun PCA Dividend Announcement 25-Jul 23-Aug
OOA Octopus AIM VCT Main Market 62p 7.4p 11.94% 06-JunView 06-Jun OOA Dividend Announcement 25-Jul 15-Aug
CRU Coral Products AIM 12.75p 0.25p 1.96% 11-JunView 11-Jun CRU Dividend Announcement 25-Jul 23-Aug
FSFL Foresight Solar Fund FTSE 250 91p 2p 2.20% 12-JunView 12-Jun FSFL Dividend Announcement 25-Jul 23-Aug
NTV Northern 2 VCT Main Market 54.5p 1.2p 2.20% 18-JunView 18-Jun NTV Dividend Announcement 25-Jul 23-Aug
NTN Northern 3 VCT Main Market 84.5p 2.2p 2.60% 18-JunView 18-Jun NTN Dividend Announcement 25-Jul 23-Aug
NVT Northern Venture Trust Main Market 57.5p 1.6p 2.78% 18-JunView 18-Jun NVT Dividend Announcement 25-Jul 23-Aug
BRIG BlackRock Income & Growth Inv Trust FTSE Fledgling 187p 2.7p 1.44% 20-JunView 20-Jun BRIG Dividend Announcement 25-Jul 03-Sep
NSI New Star Investment Trust FTSE Fledgling 133p 24p 18.05% 21-JunView 21-Jun NSI Dividend Announcement 25-Jul 08-Aug
VLX Volex AIM 359p 2.8p 0.78% 26-JunView 26-Jun VLX Dividend Announcement 25-Jul 30-Aug
BNKR Bankers Investment Trust FTSE 250 116p 0.672p 0.58% 26-JunView 26-Jun BNKR Dividend Announcement 25-Jul 30-Aug
HINT Henderson International Income Trust FTSE SmallCap 168p 1.92p 1.14% 02-JulView 02-Jul HINT Dividend Announcement 25-Jul 30-Aug
IBT International Biotechnology Trust FTSE SmallCap 698p 14.5p 2.08% 03-JulView 03-Jul IBT Dividend Announcement 25-Jul 23-Aug
SNX Synectics AIM 190p 2p 1.05% 09-JulView 09-Jul SNX Dividend Announcement 25-Jul 23-Aug
HAN Hansa Investment Company Main Market 220p 0.8p 0.36% 09-JulView 09-Jul HAN Dividend Announcement 25-Jul 30-Aug
HFEL Henderson Far East Income FTSE SmallCap 235.5p 6.2p 2.63% 10-JulView 10-Jul HFEL Dividend Announcement 25-Jul 30-Aug
CTY City of London Investment Trust FTSE 250 437p 5.25p 1.20% 11-JulView 11-Jul CTY Dividend Announcement 25-Jul 30-Aug
JCH JPMorgan Claverhouse IT FTSE SmallCap 728p 8.25p 1.13% 16-JulView 16-Jul JCH Dividend Announcement 25-Jul 02-Sep
HICL HICL Infrastructure FTSE 250 127.8p 2.06p 1.61% 17-JulView 17-Jul HICL Dividend Announcement 25-Jul 30-Sep
NBPE NB Private Equity Partners FTSE 250 1676p $0.47 2.16% 17-JulView 17-Jul NBPE Dividend Announcement 25-Jul 30-Aug
SEQI Sequoia Economic Infrastructure Inc Fnd FTSE 250 81.8p 1.71875p 2.10% 18-JulView 18-Jul SEQI Dividend Announcement 25-Jul 23-Aug
SHIP Tufton Oceanic Assets Main Market $1.3 $0.025 1.92% 17-JulView 17-Jul SHIP Dividend Announcement 25-Jul 09-Aug
AAIF abrdn Asian Income Fund FTSE SmallCap 218p 2.55p 1.17% 18-JulView 18-Jul AAIF Dividend Announcement 25-Jul 23-Aug
BMS Braemar Main Market 309p 9p 2.91% 05-JunView 05-Jun BMS Dividend Announcement 01-Aug 09-Sep
TEP Telecom Plus FTSE 250 1792p 47p 2.62% 18-JunView 18-Jun TEP Dividend Announcement 01-Aug 23-Aug
DIG Dunedin Income Growth Investment Trust FTSE SmallCap 291p 3.2p 1.10% 26-JunView 26-Jun DIG Dividend Announcement 01-Aug 30-Aug
LTHM Latham (James) AIM 1365p 71p 5.20% 27-JunView 27-Jun LTHM Dividend Announcement 01-Aug 23-Aug
PCFT Polar Capital Global Financials Trust FTSE SmallCap 172.4p 2.5p 1.45% 27-JunView 27-Jun PCFT Dividend Announcement 01-Aug 30-Aug
CML CML Microsystems AIM 317.5p 6p 1.89% 02-JulView 02-Jul CML Dividend Announcement 01-Aug 16-Aug
AAEV Albion Enterprise VCT Main Market 123.5p 3.14p 2.54% 11-JulView 11-Jul AAEV Dividend Announcement 01-Aug 30-Aug
PCGH Polar Capital Global Healthcare Trust FTSE SmallCap 380p 1.2p 0.32% 12-JulView 12-Jul PCGH Dividend Announcement 01-Aug 30-Aug
BUT Brunner Investment Trust FTSE 250 1370p 5.9p 0.43% 15-JulView 15-Jul BUT Dividend Announcement 01-Aug 12-Sep
IPU Invesco Perpetual UK Smaller Cos IT FTSE SmallCap 453p 3.85p 0.85% 18-JulView 18-Jul IPU Dividend Announcement 01-Aug 30-Aug
BT.A BT Group FTSE 100 141.05p 5.69p 4.03% 16-MayView 16-May BT.A Dividend Announcement 08-Aug 11-Sep
AVON Avon Protection FTSE SmallCap 1280p $0.072 0.43% 21-MayView 21-May AVON Dividend Announcement 08-Aug 06-Sep
BVT Baronsmead Venture Trust Main Market 54.5p 1.75p 3.21% 11-JunView 11-Jun BVT Dividend Announcement 08-Aug 09-Sep
BMD Baronsmead Second Venture Trust Main Market 56.5p 1.75p 3.10% 11-JunView 11-Jun BMD Dividend Announcement 08-Aug 09-Sep
LTI Lindsell Train Investment Trust FTSE SmallCap 82000.0p 5150p 6.28% 12-JunView 12-Jun LTI Dividend Announcement 08-Aug 13-Sep
AHT Ashtead Group FTSE 100 5426p $0.8925 1.27% 18-JunView 18-Jun AHT Dividend Announcement 08-Aug 10-Sep
SDY Speedy Hire FTSE SmallCap 40p 1.8p 4.50% 19-JunView 19-Jun SDY Dividend Announcement 08-Aug 20-Sep
RKW Rockwood Strategic FTSE Fledgling 270.5p 0.6p 0.22% 01-JulView 01-Jul RKW Dividend Announcement 08-Aug 02-Sep
MIG5 Maven Income and Growth VCT 5 Main Market 30.4p 1p 3.29% 05-JulView 05-Jul MIG5 Dividend Announcement 08-Aug 06-Sep
MIG3 Maven Income and Growth VCT 3 Main Market 48p 1p 2.08% 08-JulView 08-Jul MIG3 Dividend Announcement 08-Aug 06-Sep
CLC Calculus VCT Main Market 60p 2.77p 4.62% 11-JulView 11-Jul CLC Dividend Announcement 08-Aug 29-Aug
MNKS Monks Investment Trust FTSE 250 1176p 2.1p 0.18% 02-JulView 02-Jul MNKS Dividend Announcement 08-Aug 17-Sep
RNO Renold AIM 54.6p 0.5p 0.92% 17-JulView 17-Jul RNO Dividend Announcement 08-Aug 17-Sep
PSH Pershing Square Holdings FTSE 100 4228p $0.1456 0.27% 12-JanView 12-Jan PSH Dividend Announcement 15-Aug 13-Sep
CHG Chemring Group FTSE 250 385.5p 2.6p 0.67% 04-JunView 04-Jun CHG Dividend Announcement 15-Aug 06-Sep
IOM Iomart Group AIM 128p 3p 2.34% 11-JunView 11-Jun IOM Dividend Announcement 15-Aug 09-Sep
BGUK Baillie Gifford UK Growth Trust FTSE SmallCap 177p 5.6p 3.16% 14-JunView 14-Jun BGUK Dividend Announcement 15-Aug 13-Sep
HOT Henderson Opportunities Trust FTSE Fledgling 225p 1.5p 0.67% 20-JunView 20-Jun HOT Dividend Announcement 15-Aug 20-Sep
MTE Montanaro European Smaller Cos Tst FTSE SmallCap 142.5p 0.9p 0.63% 21-JunView 21-Jun MTE Dividend Announcement 15-Aug 16-Sep
ICGT ICG Enterprise Trust FTSE 250 1314p 8.5p 0.65% 25-JunView 25-Jun ICGT Dividend Announcement 15-Aug 30-Aug
IMB Imperial Brands FTSE 100 2094p 22.45p 1.07% 15-MayView 15-May IMB Dividend Announcement 22-Aug 30-Sep
INVP Investec FTSE 250 583.5p 19p 3.26% 23-MayView 23-May INVP Dividend Announcement 22-Aug 06-Sep
IDS International Distribution Services FTSE 250 342p 2p 0.58% 24-MayView 24-May IDS Dividend Announcement 22-Aug 30-Sep
XPS XPS Pensions Group FTSE 250 329p 7p 2.13% 20-JunView 20-Jun XPS Dividend Announcement 22-Aug 23-Sep
SUP Supreme AIM 181p 3.2p 1.77% 02-JulView 02-Jul SUP Dividend Announcement 22-Aug 24-Sep
LAND Land Securities Group FTSE 100 646p 9.2p 1.42% 12-JulView 12-Jul LAND Dividend Announcement 22-Aug 04-Oct
CHRT Cohort AIM 818p 10.1p 1.23% 17-JulView 17-Jul CHRT Dividend Announcement 22-Aug 02-Oct
GLEN Glencore FTSE 100 450.9p $0.065 1.11% 21-FebView 21-Feb GLEN Dividend Announcement 29-Aug 20-Sep
DEC Diversified Energy Company FTSE 250 1290p $0.29 1.73% 09-MayView 09-May DEC Dividend Announcement 29-Aug 27-Sep
DOCS Dr. Martens FTSE 250 74.25p 0.99p 1.33% 30-MayView 30-May DOCS Dividend Announcement 29-Aug 01-Oct
AUTO Auto Trader Group FTSE 100 801.6p 6.4p 0.80% 30-MayView 30-May AUTO Dividend Announcement 29-Aug 27-Sep
PAY PayPoint FTSE SmallCap 660p 9.6p 1.45% 13-JunView 13-Jun PAY Dividend Announcement 29-Aug 27-Sep
JGGI JPMorgan Global Growth & Income FTSE 250 563p 5.7p 1.01% 02-JulView 02-Jul JGGI Dividend Announcement 29-Aug 07-Oct
KGH Knights Group Holdings AIM 135p 2.79p 2.07% 08-JulView 08-Jul KGH Dividend Announcement 29-Aug 27-Sep
ZIG ZIGUP FTSE 250 423.5p 17.5p 4.13% 10-JulView 10-Jul ZIG Dividend Announcement 29-Aug 27-Sep
BRCK Brickability Group AIM 72.6p 2.28p 3.14% 16-JulView 16-Jul BRCK Dividend Announcement 29-Aug 26-Sep
NTBR Northern Bear AIM 60p 2p 3.33% 18-JulView 18-Jul NTBR Dividend Announcement 29-Aug 25-Sep
RFX Ramsdens Holdings AIM 195p 3.6p 1.85% 05-JunView 05-Jun RFX Dividend Announcement 05-Sep 07-Oct
SFR Severfield FTSE SmallCap 82p 2.3p 2.80% 19-JunView 19-Jun SFR Dividend Announcement 05-Sep 11-Oct
SMDS Smith (DS) FTSE 100 442.6p 12p 2.71% 20-JunView 20-Jun SMDS Dividend Announcement 05-Sep 04-Oct
SOLI Solid State AIM 1500p 14.5p 0.97% 08-JulView 08-Jul SOLI Dividend Announcement 05-Sep 27-Sep
DSW DSW Capital AIM 60p 0.75p 1.25% 02-JulView 02-Jul DSW Dividend Announcement 12-Sep 27-Sep
BCG Baltic Classifieds Group FTSE 250 270p €0.021 0.65% 03-JulView 03-Jul BCG Dividend Announcement 12-Sep 18-Oct
HHI Henderson High Income Trust FTSE SmallCap 164.5p 2.675p 1.63% 04-JulView 04-Jul HHI Dividend Announcement 12-Sep 25-Oct
ECK Eckoh AIM 44p 0.82p 1.86% 11-JunView 11-Jun ECK Dividend Announcement 19-Sep 18-Oct
DIAL Diales AIM 26p 0.75p 2.88% 12-JunView 12-Jun DIAL Dividend Announcement 19-Sep 25-Oct
CRST Crest Nicholson Holdings FTSE 250 258.2p 1p 0.39% 13-JunView 13-Jun CRST Dividend Announcement 19-Sep 11-Oct
FSG Foresight Group Holdings FTSE 250 502p 15.5p 3.09% 27-JunView 27-Jun FSG Dividend Announcement 19-Sep 04-Oct
ATS Artemis Alpha Trust FTSE SmallCap 390p 4.26p 1.09% 02-JulView 02-Jul ATS Dividend Announcement 19-Sep 25-Oct
JET2 Jet2 AIM 1455p 10.7p 0.74% 11-JulView 11-Jul JET2 Dividend Announcement 19-Sep 23-Oct
CAV Cavendish Financial AIM 12.5p 0.25p 2.00% 15-JulView 15-Jul CAV Dividend Announcement 19-Sep 15-Oct
TTE TotalEnergies Main Market €62.4 €0.79 1.27% 26-AprView 26-Apr TTE Dividend Announcement 25-Sep 01-Oct
BATS British American Tobacco FTSE 100 2556p 58.8795p 2.30% 08-FebView 08-Feb BATS Dividend Announcement 26-Sep 01-Nov
WYN Wynnstay Group AIM 347.5p 5.6p 1.61% 25-JunView 25-Jun WYN Dividend Announcement 26-Sep 31-Oct
SYS1 System1 Group AIM 725p 5p 0.69% 03-JulView 03-Jul SYS1 Dividend Announcement 26-Sep 18-Oct
MINI Miton UK Microcap Trust FTSE Fledgling 51.75p 0.09p 0.17% 12-JulView 12-Jul MINI Dividend Announcement 26-Sep 25-Oct
FEN Frenkel Topping Group AIM 44p 1.375p 3.12% 08-MayView 08-May FEN Dividend Announcement 03-Oct 18-Oct
KNOS Kainos Group FTSE 250 1112p 19.1p 1.72% 20-MayView 20-May KNOS Dividend Announcement 03-Oct 25-Oct
MERC Mercia Asset Management AIM 34p 0.55p 1.62% 02-JulView 02-Jul MERC Dividend Announcement 03-Oct 01-Nov
BEG Begbies Traynor Group AIM 104p 2.7p 2.60% 09-JulView 09-Jul BEG Dividend Announcement 10-Oct 06-Nov
GTLY Gateley (Holdings) AIM 136.5p 6.2p 4.54% 16-JulView 16-Jul GTLY Dividend Announcement 10-Oct 25-Oct
MEGP ME Group International FTSE 250 184.4p 3.45p 1.87% 15-JulView 15-Jul MEGP Dividend Announcement 07-Nov 29-Nov
PSH Pershing Square Holdings FTSE 100 4228p $0.1456 0.27% 12-JanView 12-Jan PSH Dividend Announcement 14-Nov 13-Dec
BFSP Blackfinch Spring VCT Main Market 98p 2.6p 2.65% 06-JunView 06-Jun BFSP Dividend Announcement 21-Nov 13-Dec

Ex-Dividend Date

The ex-dividend date is the date which is used to decide which shareholders will receive a dividend payment. Shareholders who own shares in the company before the market opens on the ex-dividend date will receive a dividend payment. Shares bought on or after the ex-dividend date will not qualify for the dividend.

This page shows upcoming ex-dividend dates for ordinary shares listed on the London Stock Exchange. In addition the following information is provided:

Dividend Declaration RNS - The 'Declaration Date' column contains a link to the RNS announcement which contains the dividend declaration by the company. This link can be used to confirm the information on this page and to obtain further information about the dividend and the company.

Div Impact - The 'Div Impact' column in the table shows the current declared dividend as a percentage of the current share price. This is the percentage the company's share price is expected to fall by when the market opens on the ex-dividend date.

Past Ex-Dividend Dates

A full list of previous UK shares ex dividend dates can be found on the past ex dividend dates page.