Upcoming UK Ex-Dividend Dates

EPIC Name Market Share Price Dividend Div Impact Declaration
Date ▲
MGAM Morgan Advanced Materials FTSE 250 348.5p 3.2p 0.92% 29-JulView 29-Jul MGAM Dividend Announcement 28-Oct 19-Nov
HMSO Hammerson FTSE 250 33.27p 0.2p 0.60% 05-AugView 05-Aug HMSO Dividend Announcement 28-Oct 07-Dec
HMSO Hammerson FTSE 250 33.27p 2p 6.01% 05-AugView 05-Aug HMSO Dividend Announcement 28-Oct 07-Dec
HEAD Headlam Group FTSE SmallCap 467p 5.8p 1.24% 02-SepView 02-Sep HEAD Dividend Announcement 28-Oct 29-Nov
DPH Dechra Pharmaceuticals FTSE 250 5145p 29.39p 0.57% 06-SepView 06-Sep DPH Dividend Announcement 28-Oct 19-Nov
SLP Sylvania Platinum AIM 109.4p 4p 3.66% 06-SepView 06-Sep SLP Dividend Announcement 28-Oct 03-Dec
DNLM Dunelm Group FTSE 250 1308p 23p 1.76% 08-SepView 08-Sep DNLM Dividend Announcement 28-Oct 19-Nov
CTY City of London Investment Trust FTSE 250 392p 4.8p 1.22% 09-SepView 09-Sep CTY Dividend Announcement 28-Oct 30-Nov
GLE MJ Gleeson FTSE SmallCap 792p 10p 1.26% 14-SepView 14-Sep GLE Dividend Announcement 28-Oct 22-Nov
FSFL Foresight Solar Fund FTSE SmallCap 101.8p 1.745p 1.71% 16-SepView 16-Sep FSFL Dividend Announcement 28-Oct 26-Nov
NFC Next Fifteen Communications Group AIM 1230p 3.6p 0.29% 28-SepView 28-Sep NFC Dividend Announcement 28-Oct 26-Nov
FERG Ferguson FTSE 100 10985p $1.665 1.10% 28-SepView 28-Sep FERG Dividend Announcement 28-Oct 10-Dec
SUS S & U FTSE SmallCap 2910p 33p 1.13% 28-SepView 28-Sep SUS Dividend Announcement 28-Oct 19-Nov
BNKR Bankers Investment Trust FTSE 250 114.2p 0.55p 0.48% 28-SepView 28-Sep BNKR Dividend Announcement 28-Oct 30-Nov
PTD Pittards AIM 62.5p 0.5p 0.80% 29-SepView 29-Sep PTD Dividend Announcement 28-Oct 25-Nov
AVG Avingtrans AIM 442p 4p 0.90% 29-SepView 29-Sep AVG Dividend Announcement 28-Oct 10-Dec
TFW Thorpe (F.W.) AIM 419p 6.51p 1.55% 05-OctView 05-Oct TFW Dividend Announcement 28-Oct 25-Nov
BUT Brunner Investment Trust FTSE SmallCap 1015p 4.7p 0.46% 05-OctView 05-Oct BUT Dividend Announcement 28-Oct 10-Dec
CYN CQS Natural Resources Growth and Income FTSE Fledgling 171p 1.26p 0.74% 06-OctView 06-Oct CYN Dividend Announcement 28-Oct 30-Nov
JMI JPMorgan Smaller Companies Inv Tst FTSE SmallCap 392p 5.7p 1.45% 12-OctView 12-Oct JMI Dividend Announcement 28-Oct 06-Dec
FAS Fidelity Asian Values FTSE SmallCap 487p 8.8p 1.81% 13-OctView 13-Oct FAS Dividend Announcement 28-Oct 08-Dec
IHR Impact Healthcare REIT FTSE SmallCap 119.6p 1.6025p 1.34% 15-OctView 15-Oct IHR Dividend Announcement 28-Oct 19-Nov
JARA JPMorgan Global Core Real Assets FTSE SmallCap 92p 1p 1.09% 15-OctView 15-Oct JARA Dividend Announcement 28-Oct 29-Nov
BVXP Bioventix AIM 3550p 100p 2.82% 18-OctView 18-Oct BVXP Dividend Announcement 28-Oct 12-Nov
LSAA Life Settlement Assets Main Market $1.55 $0.05017 3.24% 18-OctView 18-Oct LSAA Dividend Announcement 28-Oct 22-Nov
SEQI Sequoia Economic Infrastructure Inc Fnd FTSE 250 111.4p 1.5625p 1.40% 19-OctView 19-Oct SEQI Dividend Announcement 28-Oct 03-Dec
LSC London Security AIM 2660p 40p 1.50% 19-OctView 19-Oct LSC Dividend Announcement 28-Oct 26-Nov
HFEL Henderson Far East Income FTSE SmallCap 306.5p 5.9p 1.92% 19-OctView 19-Oct HFEL Dividend Announcement 28-Oct 26-Nov
SCRF SME Credit Realisation Fund FTSE Fledgling 88.25p 1.3125p 1.49% 20-OctView 20-Oct SCRF Dividend Announcement 28-Oct 26-Nov
SONG Hipgnosis Songs Fund FTSE 250 126p 1.3125p 1.04% 20-OctView 20-Oct SONG Dividend Announcement 28-Oct 30-Nov
MIG5 Maven Income and Growth VCT 5 Main Market 36.4p 0.5p 1.37% 20-OctView 20-Oct MIG5 Dividend Announcement 28-Oct 26-Nov
SIR Secure Income REIT AIM 410.5p 3.95p 0.96% 21-OctView 21-Oct SIR Dividend Announcement 28-Oct 03-Dec
BGLF Blackstone Loan Financing Main Market €0.8 €0.0175 2.19% 21-OctView 21-Oct BGLF Dividend Announcement 28-Oct 26-Nov
NBMI NB Global Monthly Income Fund FTSE SmallCap 90.6p 0.39p 0.43% 21-OctView 21-Oct NBMI Dividend Announcement 28-Oct 12-Nov
SHIP Tufton Oceanic Assets Main Market $1.41 $0.02 1.42% 21-OctView 21-Oct SHIP Dividend Announcement 28-Oct 12-Nov
AEWU AEW UK REIT FTSE SmallCap 108.8p 2p 1.84% 21-OctView 21-Oct AEWU Dividend Announcement 28-Oct 19-Nov
SBSI Schroder BSC Social Impact Trust FTSE Fledgling 103.5p 0.57p 0.55% 21-OctView 21-Oct SBSI Dividend Announcement 28-Oct 03-Dec
EGL Ecofin Global Utilities & Infrastructure Tst FTSE SmallCap 198.75p 1.65p 0.83% 21-OctView 21-Oct EGL Dividend Announcement 28-Oct 30-Nov
BBOX Tritax Big Box REIT FTSE 250 228p 1.6p 0.70% 21-OctView 21-Oct BBOX Dividend Announcement 28-Oct 17-Nov
NCYF CQS New City High Yield Fund FTSE SmallCap 56.6p 1p 1.77% 21-OctView 21-Oct NCYF Dividend Announcement 28-Oct 30-Nov
JCH JPMorgan Claverhouse IT FTSE SmallCap 758p 7p 0.92% 21-OctView 21-Oct JCH Dividend Announcement 28-Oct 01-Dec
RSW Renishaw FTSE 250 5175p 52p 1.00% 21-OctView 21-Oct RSW Dividend Announcement 28-Oct 29-Nov
BNC Banco Santander S.A. Main Market 278.65p €0.0485 1.47% 28-SepView 28-Sep BNC Dividend Announcement 29-Oct 02-Nov
EKF EKF Diagnostics Holdings AIM 82.6p 1.1p 1.33% 30-MarView 30-Mar EKF Dividend Announcement 04-Nov 01-Dec
STEM Sthree FTSE SmallCap 590p 3p 0.51% 19-JulView 19-Jul STEM Dividend Announcement 04-Nov 03-Dec
IDEA Ideagen AIM 277p 0.25p 0.09% 22-JulView 22-Jul IDEA Dividend Announcement 04-Nov 24-Nov
NWF NWF Group AIM 212p 6.2p 2.92% 03-AugView 03-Aug NWF Dividend Announcement 04-Nov 10-Dec
BBY Balfour Beatty FTSE 250 258.4p 3p 1.16% 18-AugView 18-Aug BBY Dividend Announcement 04-Nov 06-Dec
ASHM Ashmore Group FTSE 250 342.8p 12.1p 3.53% 03-SepView 03-Sep ASHM Dividend Announcement 04-Nov 10-Dec
SPR Springfield Properties AIM 149p 4.45p 2.99% 14-SepView 14-Sep SPR Dividend Announcement 04-Nov 09-Dec
RCDO Ricardo FTSE SmallCap 420p 5.11p 1.22% 15-SepView 15-Sep RCDO Dividend Announcement 04-Nov 25-Nov
HFG Hilton Food Group FTSE 250 1154p 8.2p 0.71% 16-SepView 16-Sep HFG Dividend Announcement 04-Nov 03-Dec
TMG Mission Group AIM 70.5p 0.8p 1.13% 22-SepView 22-Sep TMG Dividend Announcement 04-Nov 03-Dec
NSI New Star Investment Trust FTSE Fledgling 144p 1.4p 0.97% 24-SepView 24-Sep NSI Dividend Announcement 04-Nov 30-Nov
CRWN Crown Place VCT Main Market 33.2p 2.37p 7.14% 29-SepView 29-Sep CRWN Dividend Announcement 04-Nov 30-Nov
DIG Dunedin Income Growth Investment Trust FTSE SmallCap 325p 3p 0.92% 30-SepView 30-Sep DIG Dividend Announcement 04-Nov 26-Nov
IAT Invesco Asia Trust FTSE SmallCap 370.5p 7.7p 2.08% 06-OctView 06-Oct IAT Dividend Announcement 04-Nov 25-Nov
AXI Axiom European Financial Debt Fund FTSE Fledgling 93.5p 1.5p 1.60% 18-OctView 18-Oct AXI Dividend Announcement 04-Nov 26-Nov
ULVR Unilever FTSE 100 3893p 35.98p 0.92% 21-OctView 21-Oct ULVR Dividend Announcement 04-Nov 01-Dec
PCTN Picton Property Income FTSE SmallCap 99.4p 0.85p 0.86% 22-OctView 22-Oct PCTN Dividend Announcement 04-Nov 30-Nov
SWEF Starwood European Real Estate Finance FTSE SmallCap 97p 1.375p 1.42% 22-OctView 22-Oct SWEF Dividend Announcement 04-Nov 03-Dec
GLO ContourGlobal FTSE 250 200p 3.2333p 1.62% 25-OctView 25-Oct GLO Dividend Announcement 04-Nov 19-Nov
VOF VinaCapital Vietnam Opportunity Fund FTSE 250 502p $0.08 1.16% 25-OctView 25-Oct VOF Dividend Announcement 04-Nov 06-Dec
HINT Henderson International Income Trust FTSE SmallCap 167.75p 1.8p 1.07% 26-OctView 26-Oct HINT Dividend Announcement 04-Nov 30-Nov
MGCI M&G Credit Income Investment Trust FTSE SmallCap 98.4p 0.76p 0.77% 26-OctView 26-Oct MGCI Dividend Announcement 04-Nov 26-Nov
FAIR Fair Oaks Income Main Market $0.68 $0.025 3.68% 26-OctView 26-Oct FAIR Dividend Announcement 04-Nov 18-Nov
FA17 Fair Oaks Income Realisation Main Market $0.71 $0.025 3.52% 26-OctView 26-Oct FA17 Dividend Announcement 04-Nov 18-Nov
TMIP Taylor Maritime Investments FTSE SmallCap 101p $0.0175 1.26% 27-OctView 27-Oct TMIP Dividend Announcement 04-Nov 24-Nov
EDIN Edinburgh Investment Trust FTSE 250 617p 6p 0.97% 27-OctView 27-Oct EDIN Dividend Announcement 04-Nov 26-Nov
BMY Bloomsbury Publishing FTSE SmallCap 367p 1.34p 0.37% 27-OctView 27-Oct BMY Dividend Announcement 04-Nov 03-Dec
SJG Schroder Japan Growth Fund FTSE SmallCap 219p 4.3p 1.96% 27-OctView 27-Oct SJG Dividend Announcement 04-Nov 10-Dec
ATYM Atalaya Mining AIM 401p $0.395 7.17% 27-OctView 27-Oct ATYM Dividend Announcement 04-Nov 01-Dec
MIG1 Maven Income & Growth VCT Main Market 42.4p 1p 2.36% 27-OctView 27-Oct MIG1 Dividend Announcement 04-Nov 03-Dec
IBM IBM Main Market $149 $1.64 1.10% 26-OctView 26-Oct IBM Dividend Announcement 09-Nov 10-Dec
GENL Genel Energy Main Market 152.8p $0.06 2.86% 03-AugView 03-Aug GENL Dividend Announcement 11-Nov 10-Dec
BUR Burford Capital AIM 775p $0.0625 0.59% 09-SepView 09-Sep BUR Dividend Announcement 11-Nov 02-Dec
ANP Anpario AIM 605p 3p 0.50% 15-SepView 15-Sep ANP Dividend Announcement 11-Nov 26-Nov
GFRD Galliford Try Holdings FTSE SmallCap 192.2p 3.5p 1.82% 16-SepView 16-Sep GFRD Dividend Announcement 11-Nov 10-Dec
W7L Warpaint London AIM 152.5p 2.5p 1.64% 22-SepView 22-Sep W7L Dividend Announcement 11-Nov 26-Nov
BAF British & American Investment Trust FTSE Fledgling 30.5p 0.8p 2.62% 29-SepView 29-Sep BAF Dividend Announcement 11-Nov 09-Dec
ICGT ICG Enterprise Trust FTSE 250 1216p 6p 0.49% 05-OctView 05-Oct ICGT Dividend Announcement 11-Nov 03-Dec
SCS ScS Group FTSE Fledgling 258p 7p 2.71% 05-OctView 05-Oct SCS Dividend Announcement 11-Nov 10-Dec
CRU Coral Products AIM 14.5p 0.5p 3.45% 05-OctView 05-Oct CRU Dividend Announcement 11-Nov 03-Dec
IPU Invesco Perpetual UK Smaller Cos IT FTSE SmallCap 595p 3.75p 0.63% 12-OctView 12-Oct IPU Dividend Announcement 11-Nov 10-Dec
PEY Princess Private Equity Holding Main Market €13.68 €0.335 2.45% 14-OctView 14-Oct PEY Dividend Announcement 11-Nov 17-Dec
BGFD Baillie Gifford Japan Trust FTSE 250 991p 6p 0.61% 14-OctView 14-Oct BGFD Dividend Announcement 11-Nov 21-Dec
TSL ThinkSmart AIM 100.5p A$0.052492 2.77% 14-OctView 14-Oct TSL Dividend Announcement 11-Nov 08-Dec
UKW Greencoat UK Wind FTSE 250 140.8p 1.795p 1.27% 19-OctView 19-Oct UKW Dividend Announcement 11-Nov 26-Nov
BCPT BMO Commercial Property Trust FTSE SmallCap 102.6p 0.375p 0.37% 21-OctView 21-Oct BCPT Dividend Announcement 11-Nov 30-Nov
CSSG Croma Security Solutions Group AIM 90p 2p 2.22% 21-OctView 21-Oct CSSG Dividend Announcement 11-Nov 26-Nov
SCT Softcat FTSE 250 2002p 34.9p 1.74% 26-OctView 26-Oct SCT Dividend Announcement 11-Nov 20-Dec
BNZL Bunzl FTSE 100 2641p 16.2p 0.61% 31-AugView 31-Aug BNZL Dividend Announcement 18-Nov 05-Jan
GNS Genus FTSE 250 5480p 21.7p 0.40% 09-SepView 09-Sep GNS Dividend Announcement 18-Nov 10-Dec
HOT Henderson Opportunities Trust FTSE Fledgling 1377.5p 6.5p 0.47% 23-SepView 23-Sep HOT Dividend Announcement 18-Nov 17-Dec
FAN Volution Group FTSE 250 494p 4.4p 0.89% 07-OctView 07-Oct FAN Dividend Announcement 18-Nov 16-Dec
RNEW Ecofin U.S. Renewables Infrastructure Trust Main Market $0.98 $0.008 0.82% 19-OctView 19-Oct RNEW Dividend Announcement 18-Nov 03-Dec
FNX Fonix Mobile AIM 149p 3.53p 2.37% 21-OctView 21-Oct FNX Dividend Announcement 18-Nov 30-Nov
GSK GlaxoSmithKline FTSE 100 1441.8p 19p 1.32% 27-OctView 27-Oct GSK Dividend Announcement 18-Nov 13-Jan
APF Anglo Pacific Group Main Market 132p 1.75p 1.33% 21-AprView 21-Apr APF Dividend Announcement 25-Nov 22-Dec
DEC Diversified Energy Company FTSE 250 117.2p $0.04 2.48% 05-AugView 05-Aug DEC Dividend Announcement 25-Nov 17-Dec
CRW Craneware AIM 2240p 15.5p 0.69% 21-SepView 21-Sep CRW Dividend Announcement 25-Nov 21-Dec
DFS DFS Furniture FTSE SmallCap 271.5p 7.5p 2.76% 23-SepView 23-Sep DFS Dividend Announcement 25-Nov 23-Dec
FIF Finsbury Food Group AIM 91p 2.4p 2.64% 23-SepView 23-Sep FIF Dividend Announcement 25-Nov 21-Dec
FRP FRP Advisory Group AIM 130.5p 0.8p 0.61% 29-SepView 29-Sep FRP Dividend Announcement 25-Nov 24-Dec
IHC Inspiration Healthcare Group AIM 140p 0.205p 0.15% 05-OctView 05-Oct IHC Dividend Announcement 25-Nov 29-Dec
TORO Chenavari Toro Income Fund Main Market €0.54 €0.0186 3.44% 20-OctView 20-Oct TORO Dividend Announcement 25-Nov 20-Dec
JGGI JPMorgan Global Growth & Income FTSE SmallCap 440p 4.24p 0.96% 27-OctView 27-Oct JGGI Dividend Announcement 25-Nov 07-Jan
CGI Canadian General Investments Main Market 2320p C$0.22 0.56% 15-OctView 15-Oct CGI Dividend Announcement 29-Nov 15-Dec
DVO Devro FTSE SmallCap 213p 2.8p 1.31% 29-JulView 29-Jul DVO Dividend Announcement 02-Dec 14-Jan
HILS Hill & Smith Holdings FTSE 250 1818p 12p 0.66% 11-AugView 11-Aug HILS Dividend Announcement 02-Dec 07-Jan
MBH Michelmersh Brick Holdings AIM 125.5p 1.15p 0.92% 07-SepView 07-Sep MBH Dividend Announcement 02-Dec 13-Jan
PAF Pan African Resources AIM 17.5p 0.91556p 5.23% 15-SepView 15-Sep PAF Dividend Announcement 02-Dec 14-Dec
CLIN Clinigen Group AIM 628p 5.46p 0.87% 16-SepView 16-Sep CLIN Dividend Announcement 02-Dec 04-Jan
AATG Albion Technology & General VCT Main Market 75p 1.95p 2.60% 20-SepView 20-Sep AATG Dividend Announcement 02-Dec 31-Dec
OTV2 Octopus Titan VCT Main Market 108.5p 8p 7.37% 28-SepView 28-Sep OTV2 Dividend Announcement 02-Dec 20-Dec
YOU YouGov AIM 1300p 6p 0.46% 19-OctView 19-Oct YOU Dividend Announcement 02-Dec 13-Dec
BWY Bellway FTSE 250 3383p 82.5p 2.44% 19-OctView 19-Oct BWY Dividend Announcement 02-Dec 12-Jan
SST Scottish Oriental Smaller Co Trust FTSE SmallCap 1135p 11.5p 1.01% 21-OctView 21-Oct SST Dividend Announcement 02-Dec 14-Jan
LFI London Finance & Investment Group FTSE Fledgling 39.5p 0.6p 1.52% 27-SepView 27-Sep LFI Dividend Announcement 09-Dec 22-Dec
XPP XP Power FTSE 250 5180p 21p 0.41% 11-OctView 11-Oct XPP Dividend Announcement 09-Dec 17-Jan
ORCH Orchard Funding Group AIM 55p 2p 3.64% 26-OctView 26-Oct ORCH Dividend Announcement 09-Dec 17-Dec
VTU Vertu Motors AIM 62p 0.65p 1.05% 13-OctView 13-Oct VTU Dividend Announcement 16-Dec 21-Jan
OOA Octopus AIM VCT Main Market 119.5p 2.5p 2.09% 26-OctView 26-Oct OOA Dividend Announcement 16-Dec 14-Jan
APH Alliance Pharma AIM 103p 0.563p 0.55% 21-SepView 21-Sep APH Dividend Announcement 23-Dec 07-Jan
BATS British American Tobacco FTSE 100 2599.5p 53.9p 2.07% 17-FebView 17-Feb BATS Dividend Announcement 23-Dec 09-Feb
NET Netcall AIM 83.5p 0.37p 0.44% 06-OctView 06-Oct NET Dividend Announcement 23-Dec 08-Feb
DIVI Diverse Income Trust FTSE SmallCap 114.5p 0.9p 0.79% 20-OctView 20-Oct DIVI Dividend Announcement 23-Dec 25-Feb
OAP3 Octopus Apollo VCT Main Market 49p 4.4p 8.98% 24-SepView 24-Sep OAP3 Dividend Announcement 30-Dec 14-Jan
TTE TotalEnergies Main Market €45.7 €0.66 1.44% 29-JulView 29-Jul TTE Dividend Announcement 03-Jan 13-Jan
APF Anglo Pacific Group Main Market 132p 1.75p 1.33% 26-AugView 26-Aug APF Dividend Announcement 06-Jan 16-Feb
PNS Panther Securities AIM 275p 6p 2.18% 30-SepView 30-Sep PNS Dividend Announcement 06-Jan 09-Feb
OGN Origin Enterprises AIM €3.3 €0.0785 2.38% 29-SepView 29-Sep OGN Dividend Announcement 13-Jan 04-Feb
MCL Morses Club AIM 61p 1p 1.64% 07-OctView 07-Oct MCL Dividend Announcement 13-Jan 11-Feb

Ex-Dividend Date

The ex-dividend date is the date which is used to decide which shareholders will receive a dividend payment. Shareholders who own shares in the company before the market opens on the ex-dividend date will receive a dividend payment. Shares bought on or after the ex-dividend date will not qualify for the dividend.

This page shows upcoming ex-dividend dates for ordinary shares listed on the London Stock Exchange. In addition the following information is provided:

Dividend Declaration RNS - The 'Declaration Date' column contains a link to the RNS announcement which contains the dividend declaration by the company. This link can be used to confirm the information on this page and to obtain further information about the dividend and the company.

Div Impact - The 'Div Impact' column in the table shows the current declared dividend as a percentage of the current share price. This is the percentage the company's share price is expected to fall by when the market opens on the ex-dividend date.