Upcoming FTSE 250 Ex-Dividend Dates

EPIC Name Market Share Price Dividend Type Div Impact Declaration Date Ex-Dividend Date ▲ Payment Date
SCIN Scottish Investment Trust FTSE 250 706p 5.7p Q1 0.81% 25-MarView Dividend Announcement 09-Apr 07-May
VOF VinaCapital Vietnam Opportunity Fund FTSE 250 270p $0.055 Interim 1 1.64% 26-MarView Dividend Announcement 09-Apr 01-May
MRC Mercantile Investment Trust FTSE 250 190.4p 2.55p Q4 1.34% 27-MarView Dividend Announcement 09-Apr 15-May
SOI Schroder Oriental Income Fund FTSE 250 212p 1.9p Q2 0.90% 31-MarView Dividend Announcement 09-Apr 07-May
CAPC Capital & Counties Properties FTSE 250 172.9p 1p Final 0.58% 26-FebView Dividend Announcement 16-Apr 14-May
HTG Hunting FTSE 250 209.2p $0.03 Final 1.16% 27-FebView Dividend Announcement 16-Apr 15-May
HSTG Hastings Group Holdings FTSE 250 182.7p 5.5p Final 3.01% 27-FebView Dividend Announcement 16-Apr 29-May
EQN Equiniti Group FTSE 250 168.6p 3.54p Final 2.10% 12-MarView Dividend Announcement 16-Apr 26-May
FCIT F&C Investment Trust FTSE 250 613p 2.9p Final 0.47% 16-MarView Dividend Announcement 16-Apr 13-May
RAT Rathbone Brothers FTSE 250 1492p 45p Final 3.02% 20-FebView Dividend Announcement 23-Apr 12-May
KAZ KAZ Minerals FTSE 250 373.2p 6.1536p Final 1.65% 20-FebView Dividend Announcement 23-Apr 22-May
BNKR Bankers Investment Trust FTSE 250 872p 5.35p Q1 0.61% 26-FebView Dividend Announcement 23-Apr 29-May
NEX National Express Group FTSE 250 223.2p 11.19p Final 5.01% 27-FebView Dividend Announcement 23-Apr 12-May
DRX Drax Group FTSE 250 185.5p 9.5p Final 5.12% 27-FebView Dividend Announcement 23-Apr 15-May
FRES Fresnillo FTSE 250 656.4p $0.119 Final 1.46% 03-MarView Dividend Announcement 23-Apr 02-Jun
JLG John Laing Group FTSE 250 341.2p 7.66p Final
2.25% 03-MarView Dividend Announcement 23-Apr 15-May
ULE Ultra Electronics Holdings FTSE 250 1905p 39.2p Final 2.06% 10-MarView Dividend Announcement 23-Apr 18-May
BOY Bodycote FTSE 250 610p 14p Final 2.30% 12-MarView Dividend Announcement 23-Apr 05-Jun
TIFS TI Fluid Systems FTSE 250 168.4p €0.0594 Final 3.09% 17-MarView Dividend Announcement 23-Apr 29-May
SNN Sanne Group FTSE 250 620p 9.4p Final 1.52% 19-MarView Dividend Announcement 23-Apr 20-May
CTY City of London Investment Trust FTSE 250 335p 4.75p Q3 1.42% 02-AprView Dividend Announcement 23-Apr 29-May
SBRE Sabre Insurance Group FTSE 250 272p 8.1p Final 2.98% 07-AprView Dividend Announcement 23-Apr 28-May
JAM JPMorgan American Investment Trust FTSE 250 402.5p 4p Interim 0.99% 07-AprView Dividend Announcement 23-Apr 18-May
BBOX Tritax Big Box REIT FTSE 250 120.6p 1.5625p Q1 1.30% 08-AprView Dividend Announcement 23-Apr 21-May
DLN Derwent London FTSE 250 3394p 51.45p Final 1.52% 25-FebView Dividend Announcement 30-Apr 05-Jun
FSFL Foresight Solar Fund FTSE 250 114p 1.69p Q4 1.48% 09-MarView Dividend Announcement 30-Apr 29-May
LRE Lancashire Holdings FTSE 250 632.5p $0.1 Final 1.27% 13-FebView Dividend Announcement 07-May 05-Jun
HOC Hochschild Mining FTSE 250 122.7p $0.02335 Final 1.53% 19-FebView Dividend Announcement 07-May 02-Jun
VVO Vivo Energy FTSE 250 77.6p $0.0264598 Final 2.75% 04-MarView Dividend Announcement 14-May 08-Jun
UKW Greencoat UK Wind FTSE 250 142.2p 1.775p Q1 1.25% 08-AprView Dividend Announcement 14-May 29-May
CEY Centamin FTSE 250 134.55p $0.06 Final 3.60% 14-JanView Dividend Announcement 21-May 12-Jun
AVST Avast FTSE 250 402.6p $0.103 Final 2.06% 26-FebView Dividend Announcement 21-May 24-Jun
CCC Computacenter FTSE 250 1489p 26.9p Final 1.81% 12-MarView Dividend Announcement 28-May 26-Jun
HFG Hilton Food Group FTSE 250 1060p 15.4p Final 1.45% 07-AprView Dividend Announcement 28-May 26-Jun

Ex-Dividend Date

The ex-dividend date is the date which is used to decide which shareholders will receive a dividend payment. Shareholders who own shares in the company before the market opens on the ex-dividend date will receive a dividend payment. Shares bought on or after the ex-dividend date will not qualify for the dividend.

This page shows upcoming ex-dividend dates for FTSE 250 listed shares. In addition the following information is provided:

Dividend Declaration RNS - The 'Declaration Date' column contains a link to the RNS announcement which contains the dividend declaration by the company. This link can be used to confirm the information on this page and to obtain further information about the dividend and the company.

Div Impact - The 'Div Impact' column in the table shows the current declared dividend as a percentage of the current share price. This is the percentage the company's share price is expected to fall by when the market opens on the ex-dividend date.